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I have insulin resistance, also know as pre-diabetes.?

I take 2000 mg of Metformin daily. Should I be wearing a Medical ID bracelet? Technorati Tags: medical id bracelet, metformin

For those who are EMTs or Paramedics please answer.. or anyone with medical training?

I am thinking of ordering either a medical ID bracelet or a an army style dog tag necklace because I am a type 2 diabetic. With all the availability of portable medical info like the medical USB flash drives I wondered what the process is now when you get to the scene of an accident

What do I need to put on my Medical ID tag for my blood type?

I have Blood Type O but my RH factor is Weak D. It used to be called DU positive but that’s no longer used. I’ve noticed that when I donate blood, I’m labeled at O Positive but I’ve been told that if I ever have to receive blood, I need to have O

Can anyone help me find a medical id bracelet?

Hi, I’m a Type 1 Diabetic, and I need a medical ID BRACELET. But what I’m looking for is so simple, that I don’t think it even exists. You know what a black hairtie looks like right? the medium thick kind. not too thin but not the huge thick ones either. I just want it to be like

Are you really supposed to wear a medical id bracelet for this?

My blood type is AB negative and I’m also RH negative. I’ve heard it’s kind of a rare blood type, but someone told me that I should be wearing a medical id bracelet stating my blood type and RH status, in case I’m ever in an accident or something. Is that true? (I also take

Medical Id bracelet?

Should I get a medical ID bracelet because I have asthma? My boyfriend thinks it would be a good idea, I say its pretty obvious I’m having an attack and unnecessary. Who’s right? Technorati Tags: asthma, medical id bracelet

Should she wear a medical ID bracelet? 10 points!?

Ok, I just asked this but no one answered. My friend has severe acid reflux and she asked me to post this question on her. Should she wear a medical ID bracelet? Technorati Tags: acid reflux, medical id bracelet