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I’m epileptic. Why does coffee cause seizures?

Are there any other foods I need to avoid? Also, where can I get one of those medical bracelets? I think I need one I’ve been dealing with these for 25 years. Coffee def has an effect on me. I can go a month or two w/o a seizure, but as soon as I have

can i have help with a celiac disease/gluten free question?

(im 14)and i have celiac disease and is was hoping for help? well i have asked my family for help but don’t understand one bit! i wanted to know if i should get a medical id tag or a bracelet or not? i can understand if other people with diseases have them but cause people don’t no

Hypoallergenic medical bracelet?

I have a medical bracelet, but it makes my wrist break out in a rash; Turns out, I’m allergic to nickel. Anyways, I’m looking to buy a new medical bracelet to replace this one, and I was wondering if anybody knew any places online where I could order a hypoallergenic medical bracelet? I’ve been looking around and

Could this be really magic Spiders and Bracelets?

My Grandmother who no longer understands. What is going on most of the time. Cause she has that evil disease — Alzheimer’s disease. Her house has a huge “problem.” Spider(s) are weaving webs in her windows (esp by Air Conditioner). What in terms of witchcraft could it be? Some of her care takers look like;

Medical I.D for a child?

My 7 year old son Seth was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I know that he needs to wear some form of medical I.D but Seth is rough and im afraid that after a few days he will either have broken the bracelet or scratched it up so much that the information on it

life after a thyroidectomy?

I had a full thyroidectomy in 2006 due to Graves disease. ever since then I have been well and had no dramas. I’ve now started a new job and my employer is asking me questions about my medical alert bracelet. The employer seems to think that I may be a risk while in the work

Where can I find cute teen-girl-ish medical (allergy) alert bracelets?

I have multiple allergies, including drug allergies, and it occured to me after a hospital stay that I should probably get a bracelet. and in the -25 range would be best Technorati Tags: drug allergies

Medical alert bracelet for panic attacks and anxiety disorder also seizures?

please look at the question and read and answer without skipping what im asking thanks… yes im on medication…for anxiety and depression and panic attacks and seizures and yes i go to therapy i’m in college and i wanted to know if i should tell my professors about my panic disorder and anxiety disorder and wear a alert bracelet should

For those who are EMTs or Paramedics please answer.. or anyone with medical training?

I am thinking of ordering either a medical ID bracelet or a an army style dog tag necklace because I am a type 2 diabetic. With all the availability of portable medical info like the medical USB flash drives I wondered what the process is now when you get to the scene of an accident

Getting a medical id bracelet, any advice?

I have pretty bad asthma (need to use my inhaler more that twice a day usually) and have decided it’s time to get an id bracelet. I also have dangerous allergies that often trigger asthma attacks. So my questions are… Should I indicate that I carry my inhaler with me? (Inhaler On Hand, Inhaler in Purse…better ideas?) Should I