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life after a thyroidectomy?

I had a full thyroidectomy in 2006 due to Graves disease. ever since then I have been well and had no dramas. I’ve now started a new job and my employer is asking me questions about my medical alert bracelet. The employer seems to think that I may be a risk while in the work

Medical alert bracelet — wear on a 1st date?

I’m severely asthmatic and wear a medical alert bracelet in case anything serious happens. I’ve been talking to a guy from a dating website, we’ve talked on the phone and meeting up is in our future. He doesn’t know I’m severely asthmatic. If you were the guy, would you be turned off if I

exercise induced asthma medical alert bracelet?

hi im 13 and i have very severe exercise induced asthma. If i dont take my inhaler before and after a bit of running/swimming/biking i can’t breath at all. Even if im late for class so i have to run from one side of my school to another i have to take my inhaler. I think

Where can I buy masculine medical alert jewlery?

My mom’s boyfriend is type 1 diabetic and he wont wear a medical alert bracelet because he thinks theyre too feminine. I don’t want anything to happen to the first decent guy she found in 50 years so I want to give him one as a present when we move in with him on the

Do I Need Medical ID Tags?

I’m planning to ask my doctor about this next time I see her, but I thought I’d throw this out here too. I’ve had asthma since mid february ‘08. It’s mild/moderate persistent [I'm assuming, I've never actually been told by a doctor.] I’m currently taking FloVent HFA 250 mcg two puffs twice daily and

Should someone with a poppy seed allergy get a medical alert bracelet?

I have a poppy seed allergy, and sometimes i is hard to tell if there are poppy seeds in certain foods so I am very cautious about what i consume. What if I for some reason or another get injured or need surgery. Should I have a medical alert bracelet to warn physicians

Where can I buy a medical alert bracelet with large font engraving?

I want to buy a new medical alert bracelet for my son. He is non-verbal, and though he shows his id when he is asked, I’d like him to wear a bracelet with his name, phone number and other information in case he does not have it and is separated from us or a

Diabetes-Medical Alert Bracelet?

So I know it’s important for diabetics to wear a medical alert bracelet, especially those with type 1 because they take insulin daily so they’re more likely to become hypoglycemic. What about people with type 2? Should they wear a medical alert bracelet too? Technorati Tags: diabetics, insulin, medical alert bracelet