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Personalized Medical ID Jewelry?

They usually come in bracelets and necklaces. It usually has your name on it and your disease or allergy. Some people with diabetes, heart disease etc have those but I received a flier in the mail that says they make those for kids too. My 2.5 yo is allergic to some stuff including some medications

Getting a medical id bracelet, any advice?

I have pretty bad asthma (need to use my inhaler more that twice a day usually) and have decided it’s time to get an id bracelet. I also have dangerous allergies that often trigger asthma attacks. So my questions are… Should I indicate that I carry my inhaler with me? (Inhaler On Hand, Inhaler in Purse…better ideas?) Should I

Should someone with a poppy seed allergy get a medical alert bracelet?

I have a poppy seed allergy, and sometimes i is hard to tell if there are poppy seeds in certain foods so I am very cautious about what i consume. What if I for some reason or another get injured or need surgery. Should I have a medical alert bracelet to warn physicians