Staying Safe at Home

senior safety imageSafety is an important concern for people of any age, but as we grow older more care has to be taken since safety concerns are everywhere for the elderly.  Things that were only a bother when you were younger can become dangerous situations.  But growing older doesn’t mean you have to shut yourself away completely.  By following a few simple rules you can keep a fun, active lifestyle and be safe doing it.

Safety starts in your home.  You spend the majority of your time in your house so make sure that you are as secure as possible.  While simple things like having good door and window locks are important there are a number of things that you might not consider.  Make sure you can quickly get in touch with emergency help in case of fire, break ins or a health emergency.  Having a phone handy is good, but having a medical alert system is even better.  Don’t hide your keys under the front mat, as crooks know to look there as well.  Make sure your house number is easily visible out front, so responders will know where to go.

Watch out for con artists.  There are many people who prey on the elderly, don’t let yourself be a victim.  If an offer sounds too good to be true it probably is.  If someone offers you a free dinner or vacation its better to turn them down.  Anyone asking for your credit card info to verify a prize is out to rob you.  If you are ever in doubt don’t hesitate to call the police or family members for support.

When you are driving make sure to take extra care.  Your reaction time is much slower than that of a younger person.  Using cruise control on city streets is very dangerous.  Use common sense when driving at all times.  Night driving can be especially hazardous for seniors.

Growing older does have its downsides but safety concerns don’t need to be something that detracts from your day to day life.  Keep the basics in mind and use common sense and you’ll be able to enjoy your golden years in safety and security.

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