Ready Response

Ready Response is offered by Walgreen’s drugstore chain.  The service is actually provided by American Medical Alert Corporation.  In terms of pricing and features Ready Response is about average.  They do not have the most features or the highest prices, but if you need a simple system with basic features this might be the system for you.

The good:

There are no long term contracts here.  The console has automated testing.  The battery life and range are good.  They have a solid cancellation policy requiring only 30 days notice.  The 24 hour monitoring station is the same as used by American Medical Alert Corporation, and has a great service record.  The prices are fair and about industry average.

The bad:

Because Walgreen’s is a reseller of this service they don’t have total control.  There is a set up and activation charge, and no discounts available for longer commitments.  It also can take several days to receive the system after ordering.  If you cancel you are out your initial purchase and installation investments.  They do not have activity monitoring or fall detection options.

Our Opinion:

Overall the system is middle of the road, offering basic features at a standard price.  The customer service team was effective at answering questions and gave straightforward pricing information.  This is a good system at a good price if you don’t need a lot of extra features.

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