Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian offers a very popular system with many supplemental options.  One principal benefit is that Medical Guardian medical alert is able to draw there experience and integrate their own technologies into user friendly buyer centered product.

The good:

Medical Guardian has decent power life and excellent range, which you would expect from a consumer electronics manufacturer of Philips stature.  They offer movement supervision and accident safety as well as other additional options.  The BRAND doesn’t have long term contracts, and automated analysis included in the central monitoring station and sensors.  Individual alerts include watch and clip on units.  They also offer an additional other options.

The bad:

The general month to month supervision rates are much larger than several other companies.  While monitoring is 24 hours the customer service phone number only has accessibility in on weekdays.  They do not have discount rates for extended service agreements.  They have a one month cancellation policy, but you won’t get an purchase reimbursement, setup or any previously incurred costs.  The sales reps were also aggressive on calls and didn’t present specific facts.

Our opinion:

The product seems over priced, and you may be spending a high price for the brand name.  The customer service agents didn’t seem really friendly, as they seemed more concerned in making a commission than providing quality information and facts.  If you do not require a lot of gadgets you will be able to discover a equivalent system for a much lower price.

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