Lifeline by Philips offers a very popular system with many additional features.  One main advantage is that Lifeline medical alert is able to draw on the Philips brand and incorporate their technologies into an easy to use consumer focused system.

The good:

Lifeline has great battery life and excellent range, which you would expect from a consumer electronics manufacturer of Philips stature.  They offer activity monitoring and and fall protection as well as other additional options.  The system has no long term contracts, and automatic testing built in for the central monitoring station and consoles.  Personal alerts include watch and necklace devices.  They also offer an additional pill dispensing system for those who need to take multiple medications.
The bad:

The overall monthly monitoring costs are much higher than competitors.  While monitoring is 24 hours the support line has limited availability during regular business hours.  There are no available discounts for extended services agreements.  They have a 30 day cancellation policy, but you will not be refunded for equipment, set up or any previously paid fees.  The sales reps also seem pushy on the phone and do not provide accurate information.

Our opinion:

The service seems over priced, and you may be paying a premium for the Philips brand name.  The sales people were a big turn off, as they seemed more interested in closing the sale than giving good information.  If you don’t need all the bells and whistles you can likely find a similar system for a much lower price.

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