Life Alert

Life Alert is one of the best known medical alert systems on the market today.  They are famous for the “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” TV commercials.  They have two major product lines; Life Alert 50+ and Life Alert Classic.

The good:

Life Alert is built around medical alert monitoring and do not have any other product lines.  They have been a player in the industry for years and have built one of the best offerings available.  They offer several features such as fire, carbon monoxide, and fall monitoring.  There is installation service available.  They also offer a refund if the user dies alone in their home.

The bad:

The monthly costs are much higher than other services.  This is due to Life Alert being one of the largest and best known companies in the industry.  Purchasing Life Alert is difficult and sales reps seemed to give differing information on each call.  They have 24 hour monitoring but customer service is only available during business hours. They require a 3 year contract, which is much longer than any competitor.  Additional options are expensive to add and increase monthly fees.  They do not have activity monitoring or automated system testing.  While they have many features, there is no fall monitor option available.

Our opinion:

As an industry leader Life Alert is a let down.  The prices are too high and the sales process is confusing and unclear.  The features are somewhat limited, and the lack of automated systems testing is a big drawback.  They do offer a good service, but you are probably better off looking at alternatives that offer similar quality at a lower price.

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