CVS Medical Alert System

CVS Medical Alert System offers a very common medical alert monitor with several added features.  A principal advantage is that CVS Medical Alert medical alert is that they have a quality system and good monitoring.

The good:

CVS Medical Alert has excellent battery life and excellent range, which you would expect from an industry leader.  The product has activity monitoring and accident protection in addition to other extra options.  The system has no extended contracts, and programmed testing built in for the central monitoring station and consoles.  Personal alerts have watch and neck devices.  Additionally they have other options.

The bad:

The overall monthly monitoring costs are far higher than several other companies.  While monitoring is 24 hours the support phone number only has availability throughout regular business hours.  There are no available price reductions for longer service agreements.  They offer a 30 day cancellation policy, but you will not be paid back for equipment, setup or any previously paid out fees.  The sales agents also seem aggressive on the phone and didn’t offer accurate data.

Our opinion:

The product appears high priced, and you are forking over a higher rate for the trade name.  The sales people were a big let down, as they seemed more interested in closing the sale than providing good advice.  Unless you will need all the gadgets you can likely discover a similar system for a considerably economical price.

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