Connect America

Connect America has been producing medical alert monitors for over 30 years. In addition to providing their own branded alert systems they also produce white-label alert devices for other services.

The good:
Connect America systems have no set up or installation costs. They offer a short, by industry standards, service term of 3 months. There monitoring center is available 24 hours a day. They offer various wearable alert buttons on necklaces, belt clip or bracelet fittings. The system automatically runs monthly tests to make sure it is working properly. The program can be canceled at anytime after the first three months. And they offer discounted rates if you go with an annual contract.

The bad:
The system does not offer fall detection or pill reminder options. You are committed for 90 days after first signing up. They do not have an activity monitoring system where the user checks in by pressing a button daily.

Our opinion:
Overall Connect America is a good system. It is the base set up for many white-labeled medical alert monitors, such as those offered by smaller companies and drug store chains. As long as you don’t need any of the features that aren’t offered this is a good choice.

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