American Senior Safety

American Senior Safety offers a very popular system with many additional options.  A major advantage is the system is that they have a reliable system and good supervision.

The good:

American Senior Safety has excellent battery life and good usage range, which you would expect from an industry leader.  The product has movement supervision and accident safety in addition to other additional added features.  The program has no long term contracts, and automated testing included in the the main unit and units.  Individual units include watch and neck instruments.  Additionally they have other options.

The bad:

The total month to month monitoring prices are a lot greater than a few competitors.  Even though supervision is 24 hours the support line has limited accessibility throughout regular business hours.  There are no offered discount rates for longer service agreements.  They have a 30 day cancellation policy, but you will not get an purchase reimbursement, set up or any previously paid fees.  The sales reps were also pushy on calls and didn’t offer specific info.

Our Opinion:

The offering is high priced, and you may be spending a high price for the brand.  The sales people weren’t very friendly, and seemed more concerned in closing the commission than providing beneficial information.  If you do not require a lot of extras you can likely get a equivalent product at a significantly lower price.

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