ADT Medical Alert Monitors

ADT offers a medical alert system in addition to their home security alarm systems.  Because they are the largest home security company in the world they have a lot of experience in building quality alarm systems.  Overall the medical alert system they have created is fairly basic it is very reliable.

The good:

The station has automated testing done monthly on the console and monitors.  They have 24 hour monitoring, which is standard on all systems.  They have professional installation available at no extra charge.

The bad:

The program has a minimum one year contract.  There is no cancellation option within the contract period.  They don’t have activity monitoring or fall detection options in the service.  There is no discount for extended contracts.  The price is high and it seems like a premium is built in to have a brand name system.

Our opinion:

ADT has a good quality basic system without a lot of extra features.  The prices is the biggest drawback and the long contract is difficult to justify as well.  You can likely find a similar system at a better price.

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