Medical Alert

As the population ages the need for senior safety grows along with  it.  The widespread use of medical alert systems is becoming commonplace among seniors who are enjoying an independent lifestyle.  There are two distinct types of medical alert that people use depending on their needs.

What are Medical Alert Systems?

Medical alert devices fall into two categories alarm systems and simple information jewelry.  Both of these products have the potential to save your life in certain situations, and when used together they increase your chance of surviving an emergency significantly.

Medical alarm systems are similar to what you see in the now famous “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” TV commercials.  They consist of a transmitter, which the user wears, and a receiver that is connected to the phone line.  The transmitter is small and can be worn on a necklace or like a watch.  In cases of emergency the wearer can press a button on the transmitter and then speak with an emergency operator through the receiver and phone line.  These systems also offer additional services such as carbon monoxide detection, and remote monitoring.

Medical jewelry operates on a much simpler principle.  The wearer’s medical history, prescription drug information and allergies can be written on a necklace or bracelet.  If the owner is in an accident the emergency responders can quickly get an idea of the person’s medical needs.  These are particularly useful for people with diabetes, and have saved countless lives.

In this site we aim to give you unbiased information to find a medical alert system that fits your needs and to publish information that will help make your life safer and more secure.

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